8 Solutions to Break-Free from the Hold Sugar has on You

8 Solutions to Break-Free from the Hold Sugar has on You

There’s more sugar rich food today in the world than there has ever been before. Food company empires hire experts to crack the code of our taste buds to sneak past our mental limits and hook into our difficult to resist impulses. In short, we’re being hacked.

That puts each of us in the unnatural position of having to decline the sweet energy sources we are born to love, or to ingest an amount of processed sugars we were never designed to handle.

It’s difficult for our conscious minds to say “no” to the deep survival instincts wired into what could be understood as the human operating system (OS.h).

This results in a “negative cycle” experiencing these two (painful) outcomes:

  1. Our diets are distorted with foods that are metabolically and physiologically harmful to us. In time this creates an imbalance of Damp in our bodies, leaving us “gunked-up”  and feeling “crappy.”
  2. Our “choices” reduce our confidence in ourselves. We then experience emotional baggage (guilt, self-criticism, shame) which leave us, ironically, with cravings to feel better, usually with more sweets!

Naturally, there must be a better way of navigating these troubled waters. And there is!

  1. Become Aware and Accept

We have a biological intelligence (OS.h) for safe (sweet) energy sources which is caught in system of cultural patterns which exaggerate the presence of sweetened foods to a drug like level.

  1. Transform Patterns

Stake a claim in the patterns of your life and how you nourish your body amidst the great dietary disconnect the modern food system has created. Refuse to be hacked by others or unconsciously by yourself.

  1. Train and Heal for Function

Train your body to adapt to a diet which is less and less dominated by processed foods. Heal your mindsets as needed. This will increase both your function and confidence!

To put this all together into an action plan, here is what you need.

8 Solutions to Help You Break-Free from the Hold Sugar Has On You

  1. Accept and honor the need for sweet flavored foods in your life. Totally natural, completely fine!
  2. Make an agreement with yourself as to how, when and what forms of sweet foods you will bring into your life. Only you can do this and it’s an act of self-love.
  3. Eat whole and fiber rich foods. Use seasonal fruits, which are fiber rich and therefore metabolically more sound, to enjoy and celebrate that which is sweet in life. Substitute vegetables for breads and grains. Eggs on kale vs. eggs on toast. 
  4. Increase your protein and fermented food intake to transform your cravings when they are excessive.
  5. Break the cycle of cravings with a processed sugar detox program. I have programs that can help you with this.
  6. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest so you are less likely to use sugar to help your fatigue. If you have sleep and rest issues, please contact me for assistance.
  7. Increase your fitness,develop muscles, and reduce excess fat. This will improve your bodies ability to handle any sugar that is in your diet. You will also feel much better and live patterns which match that state of being. If you have injuries or physical problems that are preventing your fitness, please reach out.
  8. Work with your Stress Response, which increases sweet cravings, by making sure you understand and know how to deal with stress. Again, please feel free to contact me if you would like education, training and treatment.