Health with Wisdom

True health-care begins with a sound understanding of what humans need and how healing and medicine can aid in project. Current health doctrines tend to be partial and are often narrowed into a split between materialism and spiritualism. Chinese medicine is not lost in the division between the visible world and the less visible one. Interestingly enough, the original meaning of the word “health” meant to be Whole. More than any other medicine today, the Chinese systems understand and treat the Whole person. It’s wise and integrated understanding has the profound ability to assist in healing at each level of the Self. Modern science comprehends the parts and intricacies in great detail, which is an asset, but with out a holistic view of human health, there is a loss of wisdom.

One might ask, as I have, what is Wholeness and what does it practically mean for a clinical practice? One good answer is that wholeness means to have our Human Nature intact and working. Miraculously our human nature is designed to be a self-regulating, complex, highly functioning, interactive, and cohesive part of our environments. Health, then, is both the ability to know and cultivate our natural rhythms as well as the ability to regulate and reset our stress-systems, so as not to have our nature compromised. At Acupuncture of San Francisco and Marin, we act to help you achieve and maintain your health with specific and integrative approaches unique to your needs and conditions.

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A healthy and expressed human nature includes…

  1. A Vibrant Physical Self
  2. A Sound Inner Life
  3. An Adapted Social Self

If anyone of these aspects is adversely impacted, personal vitality can be diminshed. The more these aspects are expressed, personal vitality will grow.

Our approach with patients is guided by the model of whole health outlined above. Yes, we want your pain to be resolved. And, we also want your experience of your health to be truly whole.

We invite you to deepen the conversation and practice of “whole” health at Acupuncture of SF & Marin- where we aim to offer not just healing treatments, but to provide a tangible path for wisdom as well!