Healing Emotional Heart Disease

Healing Emotional Heart Disease

Healing Emotional Heart Disease


Where most discussion of the health of the Heart addresses the physical heart, or physical heart disease (PHD), I’d like to lean on the knowledge of PHD to illustrate a comparable problem that I call Emotional Heart Disease (EHD). EHD is a disorder of the emotional heart, whose consequences are real and concerning. While PHD’s effects are greater on our quantity of life, EHD has a greater implication on the quality of our life.


Emotional Heart Disease can be understood by referencing the physical disease process of PHD to our emotional lives. Once a sufficient emotional injury occurs, a dis-ease process with the feeling heart takes place. This process can be thought of as a tear in vessels of emotions. The tear creates an inflammatory response, a kind of oxidative (think Fire) stress to vessels of feelings. If there are no emotional anti-oxidants (think Water), the arteries of emotions can be insulated by protective attitudes and approaches to emotional relationships. The protective practices can harden and calcify. If this calcification of the emotions becomes a habit, constrictions build up and the life sustaining feelings do not circulate sufficiently.


The constricted circulation in the emotional heart creates a lack of nutrient flow. Each part of our self and our connection to others rely on the food of love and knowledge of our emotional life. This is to say that the fullness of our lives and the health of our communities depend upon the vital nutrients contained in having a vibrant emotional life.


When constrictions become too intense the heart of feeling can (temporarily) die within oneself, a sort of emotional heart attack. For lesser constrictions, one may get to not feel the pain, but the emotions don’t flow with feelings of well being, intimacy and connection either. This in turn leaves one feeling the strange pain of being numb in the animation of life or only half getting what we came here to give and receive.


Each person is capable of facing their emotional pains, if not always right away. Each person is also capable of creating their own internal strategies to buffer against emotional pains. Like the pain killers prescribed by an M.D., our psychic structures can prescribe numbing agents internally or numbing activities externally. In just the way pain killers do not address issues of healing, emotional numbing also doesn’t address the healing of our emotional selves.


To be emotional vibrant is not to just endure the deep hurts of our life, but is to keep the emotional heart fully alive and in place of resilience. Pain is not buried in energetically limiting ways within the body but moved up through into a sustained and vital path. This is the beautiful and difficult work of having an healthy emotional heart.


What can you do for your emotional heart, the hurts and the dis-ease of emotional constrictions when fullness and vibrancy or missing or wounded? Treating EHD in small or significant forms is a process that requires a sincere and sustained attention.


Seeking the guidance and healing treatments can be invaluable. The knowledge of Chinese Medicine and its healing elements offer a wise and natural way to bring healing to the heart. In my practice I offer this way with of guidance and healing treatments with a deep care and respect.


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